Tournament Rules



    • ALL players/coaches/managers MUST sign their official Southern Shootout roster at registration OR at the field registration desk before their first game.

    • Photo ID will be required to register.

    • All players must be at least 18 years of age.

    • No player will be allowed to register once tournament play begins. (unless approved by tournament directors prior to the tournament)

    • A team may not alter (or add to) their roster once tournament play has begun.

    • All current NAGAAA players will be rated by the new 2023 28-point NAGAAA rating guidelines. Any non-NAGAAA players must be rated using the new 2023 28-point NAGAAA rating guidelines.

    • All player ratings will be verified in the NAGAAA database by NSSL Ratings Committee

    • Players are required to have a NAGAAA rating

    • The Pool Play schedule will be posted on the NSSL website( AND emailed to each team coach/manager prior to the tournament. 

    • A player found playing without signing the official SS roster will result in a forfeiture of the game being played when the error is discovered.

    • Southern Shootout recommends that infielders, including but not limited to pitchers and catchers consider wearing safety equipment to play said positions. 

    • Teams are REQUIRED to have like- colored uniforms, with a number on them at least 6 inches high and must be visible at all times. Any team members wearing the same number are not permitted to play at the same time.  Players will be required to change jerseys or substitute one of the players. 

    • In the absence of anything mentioned specifically in these rules, the USA Softball rulebook will apply.
  • Player Inclusion Policy

  • The player Inclusion Policy: a Policy that allows NAGAAA/IPS members to participate in IPS tournaments who have a disability that requires a reasonable accommodation to play.
  • Definition: NAGAAA/IPS and Southern Shooutout defines defines disability as: the inability to do any substantial gainful activity by reason of medically determinable physical or mental impairment which can be expected to result in death or which has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months.
  • Runner Rule
  • The player with the accommodation must reach first base. The PIP runner can only be requested at the next dead ball, once the next ball is pitched that PIP runner is no longer allowed for that at bat. The PIP runner must also be requested before any courtesy runner or substitutes. The PIP runner cannot be replaced by a substitute. The PIP runner shall be the last recorded out. If the PIP runner is injured and cannot complete the game, then they may be replaced by the previous recorded out. In the event that the last recorded out also receives a PIP Modification for running the previous recorded out will be used. If that PIP runner while on base is due to bat, the previous recorded out can replace that PIP runner with no penalty.



    • Pool Play draws are random. However, entries from the same city will be dispersed so that they will not have to play each other if at all possible.


    • Each team will play 2 or 3 (depending on attending teams and division) pool play games, and this data will be used for the seeding of the tournament play.

    •  Pool Play games will be 45-minute DROP DEAD. (At the end of 45 minutes, the game is called, and the score is reported.) Ties ARE allowed.

    • All pool play games begin with a 1-1 count, with ONE courtesy foul allowed.


    • For the purpose of seeding, the following priority will be utilized: (win-tie-loss) 2-0-0 > 1-1-0 > 1-0-1 > 0-2-0 > 0-1-1 > 0-0-2

    • Each team in each W/T/L category will then be ranked by run differential.

    • If any team ties after run differential, then total runs scored will be used next.

    • If a tie still exists, the teams will be drawn randomly.

    • Since the score of each pool play game is what will be used for seeding, each coach MUST sign the line-up card at the end of each game. This will help verify exact scores of each game.


    • The assigned game time is the forfeit time. Any team not on the field at the top of the hour (game time) results in a forfeit (scored 7-0 to the winner).

    • At the end of pool play game, please leave the dugout immediately so that the next team can enter and prepare for their game.


    • For pool play, home team will be determined by a coin toss.

    • During tournament play the higher seeded team will be the home team.



    • Tournament Play is double elimination. Once a team has lost one game on the first day of tournament play, they are done playing for that day (no team will be eliminated on the first day of play.)


    • The highest seed will be the home team for each game.

    • In the championship game, the winner’s bracket team will be the home team.  

    • If the loser’s bracket team wins that round, they will be the home team for the championship game (the “if necessary” game).



    • Twenty (20) runs after 3 innings.  

    • Fifteen (15) runs after 4 innings.  

    • Ten (10) runs after 5 innings.


    • Each player goes to the batter’s box with a 1-1 count, WITH a courtesy foul allowed.


    • Each team can bat up to 12 players (two EH’s) per game.

    • Teams can participate with 9 players, however the 10th player will count as an out.

    • Any player listed on the line-up card may substitute for any player in the lineup at any time during the game. The original player may re-enter one more time. If the substitute is replaced, they may not re-enter the game.

    • ALL substitutions MUST be reported to the Umpire. It is also common courtesy to inform the opposing coach/scorekeeper as well.


    • Each tournament game will have a 55-minute time limit. Once time has expired, the inning will be finished, and no new inning will start.


    • The NAGAAA pitch rule of six (6) to twelve (12) feet of arc is required.


    • All bats must be currently approved American Softball Association (ASA) bats. NO EXCEPTIONS. Umpires will check before each game. Place ALL bats that might be used during the game outside the dugout for inspection.

    • Any player(s) found in violation of the legal bat rule will be ejected from the tournament and the bat will be confiscated until the end of the tournament. The Tournament Director will have the bat until the tournament is over.


    • C-Division: Each team is allowed one (1) over-the-fence homerun per game. Any additional over-the-fence homeruns will result in an inning-ending out. (fences are 295ft not 300ft)

    • D-Division: NO over-the-fence homeruns are allowed. Any over-the-fence homeruns will result in an inning-ending out.  (fences are 295ft not 300ft)

    • E-Division: NO over-the-fence homeruns are allowed. Any over-the-fence homeruns will result in an inning-ending out. (fences are 295ft not 300ft)


    • One (1) courtesy runner per inning is allowed. The courtesy runner is allowed to run again for the same runner if the team bats through the lineup.

    • The courtesy runner can be any active player on your line up. Subs may not be used as a courtesy runner.

    • If the courtesy runner is on base when they come up in the line up again, an out will be assessed for that player.


    • The International Tie Breaker Rule will be used in the event of a tie at the end of a tournament game. 

    • The last out of the previous inning will go to second base.    

    • Play will resume with each team getting three outs, the count starting at 1-1 with ONE courtesy foul, playing complete innings until the tie is broken.  

    • Each team will be given the same number of innings.


    • Southern Shootout recommends that infielders, including but not limited to pitchers and catchers consider wearing safety equipment to play said positions. 

    • Teams are REQUIRED to have like- colored uniforms, with a number on them at least 6 inches high and must be visible at all times. Any team members wearing the same number are not permitted to play at the same time.  Players will be required to change jerseys or substitute one of the players.

    • No jewelry is allowed that is judged by the umpire to be hazardous or potentially dangerous (such as neck chains, watches, bracelets, or earrings that extend below the earlobe). This is COMPLETELY at the discretion of the umpire. Any player not obeying the dress code will not be allowed to play in that game.

    • Metal cleats are not allowed.


    • Four-copy line-up cards will be provided by the Southern Shootout tournament. They will be placed in the Coach’s Bag (and the coach/manager is responsible for bringing the cards to all games.) 

    • Replacement cards will be available at the Tournament Table.

    • Each team is required to completely (including first and last names, jersey numbers, and position) fill out the line-up card and distribute—immediately prior to game time—as follows: White copy to the umpire, Pink copy to the opposing team, Gold copy to the scorekeeper, and Yellow copy to the bench.

    • Each coach MUST sign the line-up card at the end of the game, and this will serve as verification of the score of the game.

    • Each lineup card must have 10 players minimum and a maximum of 12 players. Substitutes do not count in said 12 players.   


    • The tournament will be played at two locations: C and D divisions George Ward Park (6 fields) and E division Cooper Green Park (4 fields).  

    • On Sunday, play will eventually finish at George Ward Park.  

    • Break-away bases will be used for all games.


    • Sportsmanship is expected at the tournament.

    • At the discretion of the field umpire or any tournament official, any team or fans making excessive noise (horns, noise-makers, loud or obscene music, whistles, etc.) or using obscene language or gestures will first be asked to cease the action, and if they continue it will result in removal from the park. Please respect the teams playing on the field when walking up with loud music, if they ask you to turn it down or off please do so.

    • Umpires or any tournament officials have a right to eject any player for unsportsmanlike conduct. (fighting, arguing, baiting, etc.)

    •  Only a coach or manager should ask an umpire for clarification on a call.

    • Any player ejected from a game for unsportsmanlike conduct will automatically be disqualified from the next game.  However, depending on the severity of the issue, the player may be disqualified from the tournament at the discretion of the Southern Shootout Tournament Director and/or NSSL Commissioner or Assistant Commissioner.


    • Each team must provide a scorekeeper for each game. The Southern Shootout tournament will NOT provide any scorekeepers.

    • The home team’s scorebook will serve as the official scorebook for each individual game.


    • Any forfeit will be scored 7-0.  

    • Game time is forfeit time. A forfeit will be called once the umpire calls game time and a team is not on the field.    


    • Committee:  All protests will be judged by the Southern Shootout Protest Committee. This committee will be comprised of any of the following: The SS Tournament Director, NSSL officers, coaches/managers/players and NAGAAA Board Members (if available). 

    • Fee: There is a $100 fee to lodge a protest, plus $25 per question per player that is up for challenge.   The fee must be paid in cash. The protest fee ($100) will be returned if the protest is won, however it will not be returned if the protest is lost. 

    • Protest Timing: The protest must be submitted to the umpire before the last pitch of the game.  The fee must be presented at this time. The game will continue as normal and the protest will be held after the game is completed.

    • Protest Requirement: The protesting team must identify specific questions that the player being protested can or cannot complete. The protesting team must provide evidence to back up their protest (ex. Scorebook or video).  Scorebooks and evidence from other games may be considered during a protest. Game umpires may also be called in and questioned during the protest.

    • Result #1: If a player is successfully protested but their revised rating does not exceed the limit for their team’s division and their revised team rating is still below their divisional limit, the team and player will both be allowed to continue, and the protested game’s result will stand.

    • Result #2: If a player is successfully protested and that player’s revised rating exceeds the limit for their team’s division, but their team revised team rating is still below the divisional limit, that player will not be allowed to continue to play. The protested team will be assessed a loss, but no further sanctions will be imposed on the team.

    • Result #3: If a player is successfully protested and their revised rating causes their team’s rating to exceed the limit for their division, that team will be assessed a loss and will be disqualified from the tournament.

    • Championship and Trophy games: NO protests will be allowed during the championship/trophy round(s) of the tournament.

    • Reporting of Protest: If any player and/or team is successfully protested during the tournament, the protest and the results will be reported to the NAGAAA/IPS database and to the NAGAAA Commissioner, as well as the league commissioner of the team.


    • In the event of inclement weather, the Southern Shootout Director and/or the NSSL Board of Directors reserve the right to alter the format of the tournament in order to attempt completion of the event.  

    • This may result in reduced game time or one-pitch rules being implemented.

    • Should cold weather arise, the game jersey/shirt MUST be the top layer of clothing.

    • No refunds will be given in the case of inclement weather.

    • The Birmingham Parks Commission has final say on field play.  The NSSL has no control over this issue.


    • The Championship Game is the game between the winners of the Winner’s and Loser’s Bracket.  

    • The Winner’s Bracket team will be the home team.

    • If the Loser’s Bracket team wins the game, a “If Necessary” championship game will be played, with the Loser’s Bracket team being the home team.  The “If Necessary” game will be played with 7 full innings or a 60-minute time limit, which ever comes first, no new inning will start after 60 minutes unless the game ends in a tie. 

ADA Player form lives here


    • The Director for the 2024 Southern Shootout is Brittan Scruggs

    • Any questions or issues about the tournament should be made directly to the tournament table. The Southern Shootout Director along with the NSSL Board of Directors has the final authority on all matters.